Share the Story

Message- Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012
Zion Lutheran Church, Hoople, ND
Luke 1-2

I want to thank the children and youth for proclaiming the sermon today. And it was a sermon. You’ve heard me quote St. Francis of Assisi before, “preach the gospel and when necessary use words.” We heard the words of Luke’s gospel proclaimed by the children and we witnessed the gospel. Through their program, the children and youth brought Luke’s Christmas story to life. We saw Mary and Joseph. We saw the shepherds. We saw the angels. They told the Christmas story in their own words and in their own special way.

The message for us today is for us to tell that same Christmas story in our own words and in our own way. This season of Advent we are waiting and watching for the coming of Christ. The rest of the world is waiting and watching too, but they don’t always know what they are waiting and watching for. Our culture is pre-occupied with watching reality shows, and watching sports events, and watching many other things, but what they need to see and hear is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Like the children shared with us today, share this story with others you meet. Share it at your places of work. Share it at your schools. Share it at the grocery stores, the supermarkets, with your friends and neighbors, wherever you go. Let others see the gospel through you. Let them hear about the wonderful things God is doing in your life. Let them see what the coming of the Christ child means in your life. Share the story.


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